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Write Rust events with ease

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Building and Collapsing Expression Trees

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Handling Impure Actions in a Pure Application

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Monad Explained Simply

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How I Went From House Painter to Web Developer

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How It Started

I didn’t finish college. I was married by the time I was 21. And we had already had our first baby by then— he was my best man at the wedding. I had and have no regrets about this, it was what we both wanted to do. But it did put our family in a financial pickle. For the next couple of years I worked maintenance jobs and trades jobs, and finally settled on painting — it was super consistent with the company I found and not terribly dangerous or taxing physically. …

Part 2: Using Middleware More Effectively

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A Comment and a Complication

My last iteration of this two-part attracted the attention of Mark Erikson, one of the gurus behind the Redux Toolkit (aka RTK), and a general Redux pro. His reddit comment combined with another scenario made me decide that my implementation regarding middleware was not robust enough.

Redux/Flux: The Bigger Picture

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  • Not to use transpilation middleware (so native ES6, no babel, all import paths are relative paths, drop support for old browsers)
  • Keep it as vanilla as possible. With modern browsers you can write modern JavaScript with no downside, so the new ‘vanilla’ is ES6+ syntax.

Rethinking How We Use VanillaJS and Native DOM

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My Relationship With the DOM

I just love playing with JavaScript code that generates or manipulates the DOM. If you’re reading this and wondering, ‘what is the DOM?’, fear not. It is simply a tree of JavaScript objects that represents an HTML document.

Implementing Monads in Rust

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Programming maniac, #JavaScript zealot. I'm crazy about #FunctionalProgramming and I love Rust. ETH coffee fund: 0x0c37584674e7143e03328254232102973a9cd468

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