Part 2: Using Middleware More Effectively

A Comment and a Complication

My last iteration of this two-part attracted the attention of Mark Erikson, one of the gurus behind the Redux Toolkit (aka RTK), and a general Redux pro. His reddit comment combined with another scenario made me decide that my implementation regarding middleware was not robust enough.

Firstly, Mark and I…

Rethinking How We Use VanillaJS and Native DOM

My Relationship With the DOM

I just love playing with JavaScript code that generates or manipulates the DOM. If you’re reading this and wondering, ‘what is the DOM?’, fear not. It is simply a tree of JavaScript objects that represents an HTML document.

I personally have a weird secret obsession with creating alternative ways to…


Programming maniac, #JavaScript zealot. I'm crazy about #FunctionalProgramming and I love Rust. ETH coffee fund: 0x0c37584674e7143e03328254232102973a9cd468

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